The Book of Enoch – Part IV (Chapters 83-90)



Based primarily upon the translations by George Schodde (1882) and R. H. Charles. (1913) Updated, revised, and annotated into modern English by J. Jury.

All contents copyright (C) 2017 by Torah Driven Life Publications as part of the Complete Scriptures Version. (CSV)


Chapter Eighty-Three

1 And now, my son Methuselah, I will show you all the visions that I have seen, relating them before you. 2 Before I took a wife, I saw two visions; and the one of them was quite unlike the other. The first time was when I was learning to write, and the second was before I took your mother, when I saw a a terrible vision; and because of them, I prayed to the Lord.

3 As I was laying down in the house of Mahalalel, my grandfather, I saw there a vision that the heavens were lowered, and disappeared, and fell on the earth. 4 And as it fell on the earth, I saw that the earth was devoured in a great abyss, and mountains descended on other mountains, and hills sank upon hills, and high trees were torn from the trunks, and fell down, and sank into the abyss. 5 And because of this, a word fell into my mouth, and I began to cry, and to say, “The earth is destroyed!”

6 And Mahalalel, my grandfather, aroused me, as I was laying near him, and said to me, “Why do you cry like this, my son? Why do you lament like this?” 7 And I related to him the whole vision which I had seen. And he said to me, “You have seen a terrible thing, my son, and the power of the vision of your dream is concerning the secrets of all the sins of the earth; it will be about to descend into the abyss, and be destroyed terribly. 8 Now arise, my son, and petition the Lord of glory– since you are a believer– that a remnant may remain on the earth, and that all the earth will not be destroyed. 9 My son, all this upon on the earth comes from heaven, and over the earth there will be a great destruction.”

10 After that I arose, and prayed, and petitioned, and wrote down my prayer for the generations of the world; and I will show you everything, my son, Methuselah. 11 And as I went out below, and looked at the heavens, and the sun rising in the east, and the moon descending in the west, and a few scattered stars, and the whole earth– everything as He had known it in the beginning. Then I blessed the Lord of Judgment, and ascribed greatness to Him, because He led forth the sun from the windows of the east, and he ascends and rises on the surface of the heavens, and elevates himself, and goes the path which is shown to him.


Chapter Eighty-Four

1 And I raised my hands in righteousness, and blessed the Holy and Great One, and I spoke with the breath of my mouth, and with the tongue of flesh, which God has made for the children of men, that they should speak with it, and gave them breath, and the tongue and the mouth, that they might speak with them:

2 “Blessed are You, Lord, King, both great and mighty in Your greatness, Lord of all the creation of heaven, King of kings, and God of all the world. Your power, Your kingdom, and Your greatness will remain forever and ever, and Your dominion shall be throughout all the generations. All the heavens are Your throne forever, and all the earth is Your footstool forever and ever. 3 For You have made all things, and You rule over them, and nothing is too difficult for You. Wisdom does not escapes You; for she does not turn away from her throne– Your throne– and from Your face, and You know, and see, and hear all things, and there is nothing that is hidden before You, for You see all things. 4 And now the angels of Your heavens have transgressed, and Your wrath is over the flesh of men to the day of the great judgment.

5 “And now, O God, Lord and Great King, I beseech You, and ask that You would establish my prayer for me, that there remain to me a posterity on earth, and that You would not destroy all the flesh of men, and not make empty the whole earth, so that there should be an everlasting destruction. 8 And now, my Lord, destroy from the earth the flesh which has angered You, but establish the flesh of justice and of uprightness as a plant of the eternal seed, and do not hide Your face from the prayer of Your servant, O Lord!’”


Chapter Eighty-Five

1 And after this I saw another dream, and I will show you everything, my son.

2 And Enoch began, and said to his son Methuselah, “To you, my son, I will speak; hear my words, and lend your ear to the vision of the dream of your father. 3 Before I took your mother Edna, I saw in a vision on my couch.”

Behold, a bull came forth from the earth, and this bull was white; and after him there came a female of the same kind, and together with this one came other cattle: one of them was black, and the other one was red. 4 And the black one horned the red one, and followed it over the earth; and then I could no longer see the red one. 5 And the black one grew, and a cow came with it, and I saw that many cattle, like it and following it, came from it. 6 And the cow, the first one, came from the presence of the first bull, seeking the red one, and did not find it, and then raised a great cry, and hunted it. 7 And I looked until the first bull came to her, and quieted her; and from that time she did not cry aloud. 8 And after that she brought forth another white bull, and after that she brought forth many bulls and black cows. 9 And I saw in my sleep the white bull grow and become a large white bull, and from him came many white bulls, and they were similar to him. 10 And they commenced to bring forth many white bulls, and these were similar to them, and one followed the other.


Chapter Eighty-Six

1 And again I saw with my eyes, while I was sleeping, and I saw the heavens above, and behold, one star fell from heaven, and arose, and ate and pastured among the bulls. 2 And after that I saw the large and the black bulls, and behold, they changed their stalls and their pastures and their cattle, and began to lament with one another. 3 And again I saw in the vision, and looked at the heavens, and behold, I saw many stars; and they fell from heaven, and were thrown from heaven near that first star, and among those cattle and bulls; there they were with them, pasturing among them.4 And I looked at them, and behold, they all let out their private parts, like horses, and began to approach the cows of the bulls; and the cows became pregnant, and brought forth elephants, camels, and donkeys. 5 And all the bulls were alarmed by them, and were afraid of them; and they commenced to bite with their teeth, and to devour, and to push with their horns. 6 And then they began to devour the bulls, and behold, all the children of the earth began to tremble, and to shake before them, and fled.


Chapter Eighty-Seven

1 And again I saw them, as they began to horn each other, and to devour each other; and the earth began to cry aloud. 2 And I again raised my eyes to heaven, and saw in the vision, and behold, there came from heaven those who were like white men: four came out from that place, and three with him. 3 And the three who came out last took me by the hand, and bore me away from the generations of the earth, and took me up me to a large place, and showed me a tower, higher than the earth, while all the hills were lower. 4 And they said to me, “Remain here, until you see everything that comes over those elephants, camels, and donkeys, and over the stars, and over all the bulls.”


Chapter Eighty-Eight

1 And I saw one of those four who had come out before, and he took that star which had first fallen from heaven, and bound it hand and foot, and put it in an abyss; and this abyss was narrow, deep, terrible, and dark. 2 And one of them drew his sword, and gave it to the elephants, the camels, and the donkeys; and they began to beat one another, and the whole earth shook because of them. 3 And as I saw in the vision, behold, then one of the four who had descended stoned them from heaven, and gathered and took all the great stars, whose private parts were like those of horses, and bound them all hand and foot, and put them in an abyss of the earth.


Chapter Eighty-Nine

1 And one of the four went to the white bullock, and taught him a mystery while he was trembling; he was born a bull, and became a man, and he made for himself a large vessel, and lived in it; and three bulls lived with him in the vessel, and it was covered over above them. 2 And I again raised my eyes towards heaven, and saw a high roof, and seven water channels to it; and those water channels emptied much water into a yard. 3 And I saw again, and behold, fountains were opened on the earth, in that great yard; and the water began to swell, and to be lifted above the land, and caused the yard to disappear, until all the land was covered with water. 4 And the water, the darkness, and the fog increased over it; and as I looked at the height of the water, the water was elevated over the yard, and emptied over the yard, and stood on the earth. 5 And all the bulls which were in the yard were collected, so that I immediately saw how they sank down and came to nothing, and were destroyed in the water. 6 But the vessel swam on the water, and all the bulls, the elephants, the camels, and the donkeys on the earth sank down, and all the animals; and I was not able to see them, and they were unable to come out, but were destroyed, and sank down into the abyss. 7 And again I saw in the vision until those water channels were put away from the high roof, and the fountains of the earth dried up, and other abysses were opened. 8 Then the water began to run into these, until the earth became uncovered; but the vessel reached the earth, and the darkness retreated, and it became light. 9 But the white bull, which had become a man, came out of that vessel, along with the three bulls with him; and one of the three bullocks was white, similar to the first bull, and one of them was red like blood, and one was black; and that one, the white bull, went away from them.

10 And they began to bring forth animals of the desert, and birds, so that there arose out of them a variety of diverse kinds: lions, panthers, dogs, wolves, hyenas, wild boars, foxes, squirrels, hogs, falcons, vultures, buzzards, eagles, and crows; and among them was born a white bull. 11 And they began to bite one another; but the white bullock which was born among them brought forth a wild donkey, and a white bull with it; and the wild donkey increased. 12 But the bull which was born from him brought forth a black wild boar, and a white sheep; and this wild boar brought forth many boars, but the sheep produced twelve sheep. 13 And when these twelve sheep had grown, they gave one of them to the donkeys, and these donkeys then gave the sheep to the wolves, and that sheep grew up among the wolves. 14 And the Lord brought the eleven sheep to live with it, and to pasture with it among the wolves; and they increased, and became many herds of sheep. 15 And the wolves began to fear, and oppressed them, until the wolves finally destroyed the sheep’s young, and threw their young into a stream of much water; but these sheep began to cry aloud, because of their young, before the Lord.

16 And a sheep which had been saved from the wolves fled, and escaped to the wild donkeys; and I saw the sheep as they lamented and cried, and asked their Lord with all their power, until the Lord of the sheep descended at the voice of the sheep from His high abode, and came, and looked after them. 17 And He called for that sheep which had escaped from the wolves, and spoke with it concerning the wolves, that it should counsel them not to touch the sheep. 18 And that sheep went to the wolves by the voice of the Lord; and another sheep met the sheep, and went with it, and these two came together to the abode of those wolves, and spoke with them, and admonished them that they should no longer touch the sheep. 19 And then I saw the wolves, and how they exceedingly oppressed the sheep with all their power; and the sheep cried aloud. 20 And their Lord came to the sheep, and began to beat those wolves, and the wolves began to lament; but the sheep became quiet, and from then on, did not cry. 21 And I saw the sheep, until they had gone away from the wolves, and the wolves were blinded as to their eyes, and those wolves went out that they might follow the sheep with all their power. 22 And the Lord of the sheep went with them, leading them, and all the sheep followed Him; and His face was shining, and His appearance was terrible and glorious.

23 But the wolves commenced to follow those sheep, until they reached them in a sea of water. 24 And this sea of water was divided, and the water stood from this side and from that before their faces; and their Lord, leading them, stood also between them and the wolves. 25 And as those wolves did not yet see the sheep, they went into the middle of the sea of water; and the wolves followed the sheep, and ran after them into the sea of water. 26 And when they saw the Lord of the sheep, they turned, that they might flee from before His face; but this sea of water gathered itself together, and suddenly took again its own character, and the water swelled, and rose, until it covered the wolves. 27 And I saw until all the wolves which had followed the sheep were destroyed, and sank down.

28 But the sheep escaped from the water, and went into the desert, where there was no water, and no grass; and they began to open their eyes, and to see; and I saw the Lord of the sheep pasturing them, and giving them water and grass, and the former sheep going and leading them. 29 And this sheep ascended to the height of a high rock, and the Lord of the sheep sent him to them. 30 And after that I saw the Lord of the sheep, as He stood before them; and His appearance was terrible and powerful, and all the sheep saw Him, and were afraid before His face.31 And they were all afraid, and trembled before Him, and cried after the sheep which was had been with Him, and was among them: “We are not able to exist before our Lord, or to look at Him.” 32 And the sheep which led them returned, and ascended to the height of that rock; but the sheep began to be blinded as to their eyes, and erred from the path which it had showed to them; but this sheep did not know it. 33 And the Lord of the sheep was greatly enraged over them; and that sheep discovered it, and descended from the height of the rock, and came to the sheep, and found the greater part of them blinded as to their eyes, and erring from His path. 34 And as they saw it, they feared and trembled before its face, and desired to return to their folds. 35 And the sheep took other sheep with it, and came to those erring sheep; and then it began to kill them, and the sheep feared its countenance; and so the sheep brought back those erring sheep, and they returned to their folds. 36 And I saw there, in the vision, that the sheep became a man, and built the Lord of the sheep a house, and placed all the sheep in that house. 37 And I saw that the one sheep that had met the sheep which led the sheep fell sleep; and I saw that all the large sheep were destroyed, and small ones arose in their places; and they came to a pasture, and approached a stream of water. 38 And this sheep which led them, and which became a man, was separated from them, and fell asleep; and all the sheep sought it, and cried over it exceedingly. 39 And I saw that they became quiet from their crying over this sheep, and they crossed that stream of water; and there always arose other sheep that led them in the place of those which had departed, and led them. 40 And I saw the sheep until they came into a good place, and into a pleasant and glorious land; and I saw these sheep, that they were satisfied; but the house stood among them in the beautiful land.

41 And sometimes their eyes were opened, and sometimes they were blinded, until another sheep arose, and led them, and conducted them all back, and their eyes were opened. 42 And the dogs, the foxes, and the wild boars began to devour the sheep, until another sheep arose, a ram, in their midst, which led them. 43 And this ram began to butt the dogs, the foxes, and the wild boars from both sides, until he had destroyed them all. 44 And the sheep which had their eyes opened saw this ram, which was among the sheep, departing from his honor, and beginning to butt those sheep, and to tramp on them, and to walk without dignity. 45 And the Lord of the sheep sent the sheep to another sheep, and exalted it to become a ram, and to lead the sheep in the place of the sheep which had deserted his honor. 46 And it went to it, and spoke to it alone, and elevated it to become a ram, and made it the prince and leader of the sheep; but during all that time those dogs oppressed the sheep. 47 And the first ram pursued the second ram, and the second ram arose, and fled before its face; and I saw until those dogs cast down the first ram. 48 And the second ram arose, and led the smaller sheep, and this ram brought forth many sheep, and fell asleep; and a small sheep became the ram in its place, and was the prince and leader of those sheep. 49 And those sheep grew and increased; and the dogs, the foxes, and the wild boars were afraid, and fled before it; and the ram butted and killed all the wild beasts, and those wild beasts had no more power among the sheep, and never robbed them of anything. 50 And that house became great and broad, and a large tower was built on that house of the Lord of the sheep for those sheep; and the house was low, but the tower was high and broad; and the Lord of the sheep stood on that tower, and they placed a full table before Him.

51 And I again saw those sheep that they again erred, and went many ways, and left their house; and the Lord of the sheep called some from among them, and sent them to the sheep, but the sheep began to kill them. 52 And one of them was saved, and was not killed, but escaped, and cried over the sheep; and they wanted to kill it, but the Lord of the sheep saved it out of the hands of the sheep, and brought it up to me, and caused it to dwell there. 53 And he sent many other sheep to those sheep to admonish them, and to lament over them. 54 And after that I saw, as they forsook the house of the Lord of the sheep and His tower, they departed entirely, and their eyes were blinded; and I saw the Lord of the sheep, that He caused much death among them, in each one of their herds, until these sheep even called for this death, and they betrayed His place. 55 And He left them in the hand of the lions, tigers, wolves, and jackals, and in the hand of foxes, and all the wild beasts, and these wild beasts began to tear those sheep to pieces. 56 And I saw that He left that house of theirs and their tower, and gave them all into the hand of lions, that they should tear and devour them, into the hand of all the wild beasts. 57 And I began to cry aloud with all my power, and called upon the Lord of the sheep, and showed Him this in reference to the sheep, that they were being devoured by all the wild beasts. 58 But He remained silent, seeing it, and rejoiced that they were devoured and swallowed and robbed, and left them in the hand of all the wild beasts as food. 59 And He called seventy shepherds, and put away those sheep, in order that they should pasture them; and He spoke to the shepherds, and to their companions, “Each single one of you shall now pasture the sheep, and everything I command you, do! 60 And I deliver them over to you according to number, and will tell you which of them shall be destroyed; those you shall kill.” 61 And He gave those sheep over to them. And He called to another, and said to him, “Watch, and see everything that the shepherds do concerning these sheep; for they will destroy more of them than I have commanded. 62 Write down each superabundance and the destruction which the shepherds do to them; see how many they destroy by My command, and how many they destroy by their own will, and write down separately each destruction by each shepherd. 63 And according to the number, recite before Me how many they have destroyed of their own account, and how many were given to them for destruction, that this may be a testimony for Me against them, that I may know every deed of the shepherds to give them over, and may see what they do, whether they do My commands, which I have commanded them, or not. 64 And they shall not know, and you shall not let them know, nor admonish them; but write down all the destruction of the shepherds, each one in its time, and lay everything before Me.” 65 And I saw that the shepherds pastured in those days, and began to kill and to destroy more than was commanded them, and left the sheep in the hands of the lions. 66 And the lions and the tigers devoured and swallowed the greater part of the sheep, and the wild boars devoured with them; and they burned the tower and demolished the house. 67 And I mourned a great deal over the tower, because the house of the sheep was demolished; and after that I could no longer see the sheep, whether they entered the house.

68 And the shepherds and their companions delivered over those sheep to all the wild beasts to devour them, and each one of them received, in his time, a certain number, and of each one, the other wrote down in a book how many he destroyed. 69 And each one killed and destroyed more than he was ordered to; and I began to cry, and to lament greatly over the sheep. 70 And in the vision I saw the scribe as he wrote each one that was destroyed by those shepherds, on each day, and brought up, and opened, and showed this whole book to the Lord of the sheep, everything that they had done, and every one that each single one had removed, and every one that they had handed over for destruction. 71 And the book was read before the Lord of the sheep, and He took the book in His hand, and read it, and sealed it, and laid it down.

72 And after that, I saw that shepherds pastured for twelve hours, and behold, three of those sheep turned around, and came, and entered, and began to build everything that was demolished by the house, but the wild boars attempted to hinder them, and they could not. 73 And they again began to build, as before, and put up the tower, and it was called “the high tower;” and they again began to place a table before the tower, and all the bread on it was unclean, and not pure. 74 And the sheep were blinded in their eyes to all this, and they did not see, and their shepherds likewise; and a great many were delivered to their shepherds for destruction, and they trod on the sheep with their feet, and devoured them. 75 And the Lord of the sheep remained quiet until all the sheep were scattered in the field, and mixed themselves with them, and did not save them from the hands of the wild beasts. 76 And he who wrote the book brought it to the houses of the Lord of the sheep, and showed it, and read it, and petitioned Him on their account, and asked Him, while showing Him all the deeds of their shepherds, and testifying before Him against all the shepherds. 77 And He took the book and laid it beside Him, and departed.


Chapter Ninety

1 And I saw the time when thirty-six shepherds pastured in this manner, and each one completed his time like the first; and others received them in their hands to pasture them in their time, each shepherd in his own time. 2 And after that I saw in the vision all the birds of heaven coming: the eagles, the vultures, the buzzards, and the crows; but the eagles led all the birds; and they began to devour the sheep, and to pick out their eyes, and to devour their flesh. 3 And the sheep cried out because their flesh was being devoured by the birds. 4 And I cried, and lamented in my sleep over that shepherd who was pasturing the sheep. 4 And I saw until those sheep were devoured by the dogs, the eagles, and the buzzards, and they did not leave on them meat or skin or muscles, until the skeletons stood there alone, and the skeletons fell to the ground also, and the sheep became few. 5 And I saw to the time when twenty-three shepherds pastured, and they completed, each in his time, fifty-eight times.

6 But small lambs were born from those white sheep, and they began to open their eyes and to see, and to cry to the sheep. 7 But the sheep did not cry to them, and did not hear what they said to them, but were exceedingly deaf, and their eyes were exceedingly and powerfully blinded. 8 And I saw in the vision that the crows flew on to the lambs, and took one of those lambs, but broke the sheep, and devoured them. 9 And I saw that horns grew upon the lambs, and the crows threw down those horns; and I saw until one great horn came forth upon one of the sheep, and their eyes were opened. 10 And it looked at them, and their eyes were opened, and it cried to the sheep, and the rams saw it, and all ran to it. 11 And with all that the eagles, vultures, crows, and buzzards, to that time, were tearing the sheep to pieces, and flew down on them, and devoured them; but the sheep remained quiet, and the rams lamented, and cried out. 12 And the crows fought, and battled with it, and sought to remove the horn, but had no power over it.

13 And I saw them, until the shepherds and the eagles and the vultures and buzzards came, and they cried to the crows, that they should break the horn of the ram; and they fought, and battled with it, and it fought with them, and cried that its help might come to it. 14 And I saw the man who had written down the names of the shepherds, and had brought them up to the Lord of the sheep came, and he helped the ram, and showed it everything, that its help had come down. 15 And I saw that the Lord of the sheep came to them in anger, and all who saw Him fled, and all fell into His shadow before His face. 16 All the eagles, vultures, crows, and buzzards assembled, and brought with them all the sheep of the desert, and they all came together and assisted one another in order to break that horn of the ram. 17 And I saw the man who had written the book by the voice of God, that he opened the book of destruction which the last twelve shepherds had practiced, and showed that they had destroyed more that those before them, before the Lord of the sheep. 18 And I saw that the Lord of the sheep came to them, and took the rod of anger in His hand, and struck the earth, so that the earth was torn apart, and all the beasts and the birds of heaven fell away from the sheep, and sank down into the earth, and it was covered over them. 19 And I saw that a great sword was given to the sheep, and the sheep came to those wild beasts to kill them, and all the beasts and the birds of heaven fled from their face.

20 And I saw that a throne was built on the earth in the pleasant land, and the Lord of the sheep sat upon it, and the man took all the sealed books, and opened them before the Lord of the sheep. 21 And the Lord called to the first seven white ones, and commanded that they should bring before Him, from the first star on, all which had come forth, all the stars whose private parts had been similar to those of horses, and also the first star that had first fallen; and they brought all before Him. 22 And He said to the man who wrote before Him, who was one of the seven white ones, and said to him, “Take those seventy shepherds to whom I have delivered the sheep, and taking them, they of their own account killed more than I had commanded them.” 23 And behold, I saw them all bound, and all stood before Him. 24 And the judgment was first over the stars, and they were judged, and were found to be sinners, and went to the place of judgment, and were thrown into an abyss filled with fire and burning and filled with pillars of fire. 25 And the seventy shepherds were judged, and were found to be sinners, and they were thrown into this abyss of fire. 26 And I saw at that time that an abyss like it was opened in the middle of the earth, which was full of fire, and they brought those blinded sheep, and they all were judged, and were found to be sinners, and were thrown into the abyss of fire and burned; and this abyss was to the right of that house. 27 And I saw those sheep burning, and their bones burned.

28 And I stood looking, until He enveloped the old house, and they took out all the pillars, and all the planks, and the ornaments of the house were wrapped in with it, and they brought it out, and put it in one place, on the south of the earth.29 And I saw that the Lord of the sheep produced a new house, larger and higher than that first, and put it in the place of the first, which had been enveloped, and all its pillars were new, and the ornaments new and larger than of the first old one, which He had removed, and all the sheep were in its middle. 30 And I saw all the sheep that had been left, and all the animals on the earth, and all the birds of the heavens, falling down and worshiping those sheep, and petitioning, and obeying them in every word. 31 And after that, the three who were dressed in white, who had led me up before, took me by the hand, with the hand of the ram also taking hold of me, and they raised me, and put me down in the midst of the sheep before the judgment took place. 32 But the sheep were all white, and their wool was large and clean. 33 And they were all destroyed and scattered, and all the wild beasts and all the birds of heaven were collected in that house, and the Lord of the sheep rejoiced greatly, for they were all good and had returned to his house. 34 And I saw, until they laid down that sword which had been given to the sheep, and returned it to his house; and it was sealed before the face of the Lord, and all the sheep were closed up in that house, but it could not contain them. 35 And the eyes of all of them were opened, and they a saw the good, and there was not one among them that did not see. 36 And I saw that that house was large and broad and exceedingly full. 37 And I saw that a white bull was born, and his horns were large, and all the wild beasts and all the birds of heaven feared him, and petitioned him at all times. 38 And I saw, until all their generations were changed, and they all became white bulls, and the first one of them was the Word, and that Word was a great animal, 1 and had on its head large and black horns; and the Lord of the sheep rejoiced over them, and over all the bulls. 39 And I reposed in their midst, and I awoke and saw everything.

40 And this is the vision that I saw as I was asleep; and I awoke and blessed the Lord of righteousness, and gave Him glory. 41 And then I cried greatly, and my tears did not stand still until I was not able to endure it; and when I looked, they flowed because of that which I saw, because everything will come and be fulfilled; and all the deeds of men, in their order, had appeared to me. 42 And in that night I remembered my first dream, and I cried and trembled because of it, because I had seen that vision.


End Notes

1 “Word” follows Schodde’s translation. Charles translates this verse as “…and the first among them became a lamb, and that lamb became a great animal…”

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