The Third Letter from Paul to the Corinthians

Chapter One  (From Corinth to Paul)

1 This letter is from Stephanus and the elders that are with him: Daphnus, Eubulus, Theophilus, and Zenon; to Paul their eternal brother, greetings in Yeshua’s name.

2 Two men have come to Corinth, Simon and Cleobius, 1 who are overthrowing the faith of many with their corrupt words, 3 which we implore you to prove and examine. 4 We have never heard such words from you, nor from the other apostles, 5 and we hold fast to all that we have received from you or from them. 6 It is apparent that YHWH has had mercy on us, that while you are still alive in the flesh we may hear these things from you again. 7 If it is possible, either come to us in person or write to us, 8 for we believe, as it has been revealed to Theonoe, that YHWH has delivered you out of the hand of the lawless one.

9 Now these are the things which these men say and teach: 10 they say that we must not use the prophets, 11 that God is not Almighty, 12 that there will be no resurrection of the flesh, 13 that man was not made by God, 14 that the Messiah did not descend in a body of flesh, nor was He born of Mary, 15 and that the world is not of God, but of the angels. 16 Because of these, brother, we pray that you are diligent in coming to us, that the assembly at Corinth may remain without spot or blemish, and the foolishness of these men may be made evident to all. Farewell always in the name of Yeshua.

Chapter Two

1 The elders Threptus and Eutyches brought the letter to Philippi, so that Paul received it, being in bonds because of Stratonice the wife of Apollophanes. 2 But he forgot his bonds, and was moved with passion, and cried out, 3 ‘It would be better for me to die and to be with YHWH, than it is to continue in the flesh and to hear such things as the calamities of false doctrines, so that trouble comes upon trouble! 4 Over and above this great affliction, I am in bonds, and behold these evils, with which the purposes of the adversary are accomplished. May not the intrigues of the adversary anticipate me while I suffer in chains for the sake of men.’

5 Paul therefore, in his great affliction, wrote a letter, answering their questions.

Chapter Three  (From Paul to the Corinthians)

1 This letter is from Paul, a prisoner of Yeshua the Messiah, to the brethren who are in Corinth. Greetings.

2 Being in the midst of many tribulations, I am not surprised that the teachings of the evil one run abroad. 3 For my Lord Yeshua the Messiah will hasten His coming, and will set at nought, no longer tolerating, the insolence of those who falsify His words. 4 For in the beginning I delivered to you the things that I received of the set apart apostles who had come before me, who were at all times with Yeshua the Messiah.

5 First and foremost, our Lord Yeshua the Messiah was born of Mary, who is of the seed of David according to the flesh, the Holy Spirit being sent forth from heaven from the Father to her by the angel Gabriel, 6 that He might come down into this world and redeem all flesh by His flesh, and raise us up from the dead in the flesh, as He has shown us Himself as an example. 7 Because man was formed by his Father, 8 man therefore was sought for when he was lost, that he might be restored to life by adoption. 9 To this end, God Almighty, who made heaven and earth, first sent the prophets to the Jews, that they might be drawn away from their sins. 10 Because He has a plan to save the house of Israel, He imparted a portion of the Spirit of the Messiah upon the prophets, and sent them to the Jews first, so that they proclaimed the true worship of God for a long span of time. 11 But the prince of lawlessness, desiring to be God, laid hands on them and slew them, and bound all flesh by evil lusts, though the end of the world with judgment draws near.

12 But God Almighty, who is righteous, would not cast away His own creation, but had compassion on them from heaven, 13 and sent His Spirit into Mary in Galilee. 14 She believed with all her heart and received the Holy Spirit in her womb, that Yeshua might come into the world. 15 It was through flesh that the lawless one had brought in death, so also by flesh he would be overcome. 16 By His own body, Yeshua the Messiah saved all flesh and restored it to life, 17 that He might show forth the temple of righteousness in His body, 18 in whom we are saved.

19 Those who reject the wisdom of God, saying that the heaven and the earth and all that are in them are not the work of God, are not children of righteousness, but are children of wrath. 20 As children of wrath, they are cursed, following the teaching of the serpent. 21 Drive them out, and flee from their doctrine! 22 For you are not children of disobedience, but of the well-beloved assembly. 23 Therefore it is time for the resurrection to be proclaimed to all.

24 As for that which they say, that there is no resurrection of the flesh, they indeed will not be resurrected to life, but rather to judgment, 25 because they did not believe in He Who is risen from the dead. 26 They neither believe nor understand, O Corinthians, for they do not understand the nature of sowing wheat or seeds or other grains. 27 They are cast bare into the earth, perished, and rise again by the will of God with bodies and clothed. Not only does the body that was cast down rise again, but brings with it greater blessings. 28 We must not take an example from seeds only, but from more noble bodies as well.

29 You know how Jonah the son of Amathi, when he would not preach to the inhabitants of Nineveh, but instead fled, was swallowed by the sea-monster. 30 After three days and three nights YHWH heard the prayer of Jonah out of the lowest hell, and not a single part of him was consumed- not even an hair nor an eyelash. 31 You of little faith- how much more will He raise up, you who have believed in Yeshua the Messiah, as He Himself arose?

32 In the same manner a dead man was cast upon the bones of the prophet Elisha by the children of Israel, and he arose in body and soul, bones and spirit! How much more will you who have been cast upon the body and bones and spirit of Yeshua arise again in that day having your flesh made whole, in the same way that He has risen?

33 In the same manner, as the prophet Elijah raised up the widow’s son from death, how much more will the Yeshua raise you up from death at the sound of the trumpet, in the twinking of an eye? For He has shown us an example in His own body.

34 If you receive any other doctrine, YHWH will stand witness against you. Let no one trouble me, 35 for I bear these bonds that I may gain the Messiah, and I bear His marks in my body that I may attain the resurrection of the dead. 36 Whoever abides by the rule, which he has received by the blessed prophets and the holy Good News, will receive reward from YHWH, and when he has risen from the dead he will obtain eternal life. 37 But whoever violates these things, for him is the fire, and with them that walk in like manner, who are men without YHWH. 38 They are a generation of vipers, whom you should reject in the power of Yeshua.

39 Peace, grace, and love be with you.

1Two prominent gnostic leaders of the first century AD.

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  1. Kyle Leib Strokovsky

    Toda Rabba, I am in Yeshiva and by thr grace of HaSHEM while never having read the Epistle I knew it was Simon troubling Corinth and wrote so in my last paper thanks for the confirmation. I am Netzari like you and write HaSHEM only because this may be deleted but speak His name openly. I thank you for your excellent work and making it available to all. Toda and Sholom

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