The Book of Tobit


Based upon the Revised Version, updated, revised, and annotated into modern English by J. Jury.

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Chapter One

1 The Book of the Words of Tobit, the son of Tobiel, the son of Hananiel, the son of Aduel, the son of Gabael, the son of Raphael, the son of Raguel, of the seed of Asiel, of the tribe of Naphtali; 2 who in the days of Shalmaneser 1 king of the Assyrians was carried away captive out of Thisbe, which is on the right hand of Kedesh Naphtali in Galilee above Asher.

3 I, Tobit, walked in the ways of truth and righteousness, for all the days of my life, and I did many charitable deeds for my brethren and my nation, who went with me into the land of the Assyrians, to Nineveh. 4 And when I was in my own country, in the land of Israel, while I was still young, all the tribe of my father Naphtali fell away from the House of Jerusalem, which was chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, that all the tribes should sacrifice there, where the temple of the habitation of the Most High was hallowed, and built in for all ages. 5 And all the tribes which fell away sacrificed together to the heifer Baal, and so did the House of my father Naphtali. 6 And I alone went often to Jerusalem at the feasts, as it has been ordained to all Israel by an everlasting decree, having the firstfruits and the tenths of my increase, and that which was first shorn; and I gave them at the altar to the priests the sons of Aaron. 7 I gave the tenth part of all my increase to the sons of Levi, who ministered at Jerusalem; and the second tenth part I sold, and went, and spent it each year at Jerusalem; 8 and I gave the third to them to whom it was fitting, as Deborah, my father’s mother, had commanded me, because I was left an orphan by my father.

9 Now when I had become a man, I took Anna, of the seed of our own family, to be my wife, and I begat Tobias from her. 10 And when I was carried away captive to Nineveh, all my brethren and those that were of my kindred ate the bread of the nations; 11 but I kept myself from eating it, 12 because I remembered God with all my soul. 13 And the Most High gave me grace and favor in the sight of Shalmaneser, and I was his purchaser. 14 And I went into Media, and left ten talents of silver in trust with Gabael, the brother of Gabrias, at Rages of Media.

15 And when Shalmaneser had died, then his son Sennacherib reigned in his place; and during his days the highways were troubled, and I could not go any longer into Media. 16 And I did many charitable deeds for my brethren in the days of Shalmaneser: I gave my bread to the hungry, 17 and my garments to the naked; and if I saw that any of my own race had died, and had been cast forth behind the wall of Ninevah, then I buried him. 18 And if Sennacherib the king had slain anyone when he came fleeing from Judea, then I buried them privately; for he slew many in his wrath; and the bodies were sought for by the king, and were not found. 19 But one of the Ninevites went and showed to the king what I had done, how I had buried them, and hid myself; and when I knew that I was sought after to be put to death, then I withdrew myself for fear. 20 And all my goods were forcibly taken away, and there was nothing left for me, except my wife Anna, and my son Tobias.

21 And not fifty-five days had gone by before two of his sons slew him, and they fled into the mountains of Ararat. And his son Esar-haddon reigned in his place; and he appointed over all the accounts of his kingdom, and over all his affairs, Achiacharus, my brother Anael’s son. 22 And Achiacharus made a request for me, and I came to Nineveh. Now Achiacharus was cup bearer, and keeper of the signet, and steward, and overseer of the accounts, and Esar-haddon appointed him next to himself; but he was my brother’s son.


Chapter Two

1 Now when I had come home again, and my wife Anna was restored to me, as well as my son Tobias, during the Feast of Shavuot, which is the holy Feast of the Seven Weeks, then there was a good dinner prepared me, and I sat down to eat. 2 And I saw an abundance of meat, and I said to my son, “Go, and bring whatever poor man you shall find from among our brethren, who is mindful of the LORD; and behold, I will wait for you.”

3 And he came, and said, “Father, one of our race is strangled, and has been cast out in the marketplace.”

4 And before I had tasted anything, I sprang up, and took him up into a chamber, until the sun was set. 5 And I returned, and washed myself, 2 and ate my bread in heaviness, 6 and remembered the prophecy of Amos, who said, “Your feasts shall be turned into mourning, and all your songs into lamentation.” 3

7 And I wept; and when the sun had set, I went and made a grave, and buried him. 8 And my neighbors mocked me, and said, “He is no longer afraid to be put to death for this matter; and yet he ran away? Now behold, he buries the dead again.”

9 And I returned the same night from burying him, and slept by the wall of my courtyard, being polluted. My face was uncovered, 10 and I did not know that there were sparrows in the wall; and the sparrows excreted warm dung into my open eyes; and white films came in my eyes. I went to the physicians, and they did not help me; but Achiacharus nourished me, until I went into Elymais.

11 And my wife Anna was spinning in the women’s chambers, 12 and sent the work back to the owners. And they, for their part, paid her wages, and gave her a kid also. 13 But when it came to my house, it began to cry, and I said to her, “Where did this kid come from? Is it stolen? Pay the owners; for it is not lawful to eat anything that is stolen.”

14 But she said, “It has been given to me as a gift, more than the wages.”

And I did not believe her, and I instructed her render it to the owners; and I blushed in anger against her. But she answered, and said to me, “Where are your alms and your righteous deeds? Behold, you, and all your works, are known.”


Chapter Three

1 And I was grieved and wept, and prayed in sorrow, saying, 2 “O LORD, You are righteous, and all Your works and all Your ways are mercy and truth, and You judge true and righteous judgment forever. 3 Remember me, and look on me; do not take vengeance on me for my sins and my ignorance, and the sins of my fathers, which sinned before You; 4 for they disobeyed Your commandments, and You gave us as a plunder, and for captivity, and for death, and for a saying of reproach to all the nations among whom we are dispersed. 5 And now Your judgments are many, and they are true, that You should deal with me according to my sins and the sins of my fathers; because we did not keep Your commandments, for we did not walk in truth before You. 6 And now deal with me according to that which is pleasing in Your sight; command my spirit to be taken from me, that I may be released, and become earth; for it is profitable for me to die rather than to live, because I have heard false reproaches, and I am full of sorrow. Command for me to now be released from my distress, and go to the everlasting place; do not turn Your face away from me.”

7 And it came to pass, on the same day, that Sarah the daughter of Raguel in Ecbatana of Media was also reproached by her father’s maidservants; 8 for she had been given to seven husbands, and Asmodaeus the evil demon slew them before they had lain with her. And they said to her, “Do you not know that you have strangled your husbands? You have already had seven husbands, and you have not profited from any of them. 9 Why do you scourge us? If they are dead, then go your way with them; let us never see either sons or daughters from you.”

10 When she heard these things, she was exceptionally grieved, so that she thought about hanging herself; and she said, “I am the only daughter of my father; if I do this, it shall be a reproach to him, and I shall bring down his old age to the grave with sorrow.” 11 And she prayed by the window, and said, “Blessed are You, O LORD my God, and blessed is Your holy and honorable name forever. Let all Your works praise You forever. 12 And now, LORD, I have set my eyes and face toward You; 13 command that I am released from the earth, and that I do not hear any more reproach. 14 You know, LORD, that I am pure from all sin with man, 15 and that I have never polluted my name, nor the name of my father, in the land of my captivity; I am the only daughter of my father, and he has no children that shall be his heir, nor brother near him, nor son belonging to him, that I should keep myself for a wife to him. My seven husbands are dead already; why should I live? And if it does not please You to slay me, then command someone to take regard of me, and to take pity on me, and that I do not hear any more reproach.”

16 And both of the prayers were heard before the glory of the great God; 17 and Raphael was sent to heal them both, to scale away the white films from Tobit’s eyes, and to give Sarah the daughter of Raguel for a wife to Tobias the son of Tobit; and to bind Asmodaeus the evil demon; for it was due to Tobias that he should inherit her. At the same time that Tobit returned and entered into his house, so did Sarah the daughter of Raguel come down from her upper chamber.


Chapter Four

1 In that day Tobit remembered the money which he had left in trust with Gabael in Rages of Media, 2 and he said to himself, “I have asked for death; why do I not call my son Tobias, that I may show him the money before I die?” 3

And he called him, and said, “My child, if I die, then bury me. Do not despise your mother, but honor her for all the days of your life, and do that which is pleasing to her, and do not grieve her. 4 Remember, my child, that she has seen many dangers for you, when you were in her womb. When she is dead, then bury her by me in one grave.

5 “My child, be mindful of the LORD our God for all your days, and do not let your will be set to sin and transgress his commandments; do righteousness all the days of your life, and do not follow the ways of unrighteousness. 6 For if you do the truth, then your doings shall be prosperous and successful for you, and to all them that do righteousness.

7 “Give charitably from your substance; and when you give charity, do not let your eye be envious. But do not turn your face away from any poor man, and the face of God shall not be turned away from you. 8 As your substance is, give charitably from it according to your abundance: if you have little, then do not be afraid to give charity according to that little, 9 for you lay up a good treasure for yourself against the day of necessity, 10 because charitable giving delivers from death, and does not permit you to come into darkness; 11 for charity is a good gift in the sight of the Most High for all that give it.

12 “Beware, my child, of all fornication, and take a wife first from the seed of your fathers, and do not take a strange wife, which is not of your father’s tribe; for we are the sons of the Prophets. Remember, my child, that our fathers of old time, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, all took wives from their brethren, and were blessed by their children, and that “their seed shall inherit the land.” 4

13 “And now, my child, love your brethren, and do not scorn your brethren in your heart, and the sons and the daughters of your people, to take a wife from them; for there is destruction and great confusion in pride, and there is decay and great want in lewdness; for lewdness is the mother of famine.

14 “Do not let the wages of any man, which works for you, stay with you, but pay it to him out of hand; and if you serve God, then repayment shall be made to you.

“Take heed to yourself, my child, in all your works, and be discreet in all your behavior. 15 And do not do to anyone that which you hate. Do not drink wine to drunkenness, and do not let drunkenness go with you on your way. 16 Give some of your bread to the hungry, and some of your clothing to them that are naked; give charitably from all your abundance; and do not let your eye be envious when you give charity.

17 “Pour out your bread on the tomb of the just, and do not give anything to sinners. 18 Ask for counsel from every wise man, and do not despise any counsel that is profitable. 19 Bless the LORD your God at all times, and ask Him that your ways may be made straight, and that all your paths and counsels may prosper; for every not nation has counsel, but the LORD Himself gives all good things, and He humbles whom He will, as He will.

“And now, my child, remember my commandments, and do not let them be blotted out of your mind. 20 And now I will show you the ten talents of silver, which I left in trust with Gabael the son of Gabrias at Rages of Media. 21 Do not be afraid, my child, because we are made poor; for you have much wealth, if you fear God, and depart from all sin, and do that which is pleasing in His sight.”


Chapter Five

1 And Tobias answered, and said to him, “Father, whatever things you have commanded me, I will do them all; 2 but how shall I be able to receive the money, since I do not know him?”

3 And he gave him the handwritten note, and said to him, “Seek a man which shall go with you, and I will give him his wages, while I am still alive; and go, and receive the money.”

4 And he went to seek a man, and found Raphael, which was an angel; 5 but he did not know it. And he said to him, “Can I go with you to Rages of Media? And do you know the places well?”

6 And the angel said to him, “I will go with you, and I know the way well; for I have lodged with our brother Gabael.”

7 And Tobias said to him, “Wait for me, and I will tell my father.”

8 And he said to him, “Go, and do not delay.”

And he went in and said to his father, “Behold, I have found one who will go with me.”

But he said, “Call him to me, that I may know what tribe he is from, and whether he is a trustworthy man to go with you.”

9 And he called him, and he came in, and they saluted one another. 10 And Tobit said to him, “Brother, what tribe and what family are you from? Show me.”

11 And he said to him, “Do you seek a tribe and a family, or do you seek a hired man which shall go with your son?”

And Tobit said to him, “I would like to know, brother, your kindred and your name.”

12 And he said, “I am Azariah, the son of Ananiah the great, of your brethren.”

13 And he said to him, “Welcome, brother; do not be angry with me, because I wanted to know your tribe and family. You are my brother, of an honest and good lineage; for I knew Ananiah and Jathan, the sons of Shemaiah the great, when we went together to Jerusalem to worship, and offered the firstborn, and the tenths of our increase; and they did not go astray in the error of our brethren. My brother, you are of a great stock. 14 But tell me, what wages shall I give you? A drachma a day, and those things that are necessary for you, as for my son? 15 And further, if you return safe and sound, I will add something to your wages.”

16 And so they consented.

And he said to Tobias, “Prepare yourself for the journey, and may God prosper you.”

And his son prepared what was needed for the journey, and his father said to him, “Go with this man; but God, which dwells in heaven, shall cause your journey to prosper; and may his angel go with you.” And they both went forth to depart, and the young man’s dog with them.

17 But Anna his mother wept, and said to Tobit, “Why have you sent away our child? is he not the staff of our hand, in going in and out before us? 18 Do not be greedy to add money to money; but let it be as worthless when it comes to our child. 19 For what the LORD has given us to live on is sufficient for us.”

20 And Tobit said to her, “Take no care, my sister; he shall return safe and sound, and your eyes shall see him. 21 For a good angel shall go with him, and his journey shall be made prosperous, and he shall return safe and sound.”

22 And she finished weeping.


Chapter Six

1 Now as they went on their journey, they came in the evening to the river Tigris, and they lodged there. 2 But the young man went down to wash himself, and a fish leaped out of the river, and would have swallowed up the young man. 3 But the angel said to him, “Take hold on the fish.” And the young man caught hold of the fish, and cast it up on the land. 4 And the angel said to him, “Cut the fish open, and take out the heart, and the liver, and the gall, and put them up safely.” 5 And the young man did as the angel commanded him; but they roasted the fish, and ate it. And they both went on their way, until they came near to Ecbatana.

6 And the young man said to the angel, “Brother Azariah, what use is the heart, and the liver, and the gall of the fish?”

7 And he said to him, “Concerning the heart and the liver, if a demon or an evil spirit troubles anyone, then we must make a smoke from them before the man or the woman, and they shall not be troubled any longer. 8 As for the gall, it is good to anoint a man that has white films in his eyes, and he shall be healed.”

9 But when they drew near to Rages, 10 the angel said to the young man, “Brother, today we shall lodge with Raguel, for he is your relative; and he has an only daughter, named Sarah. I will speak for her, that she should be given to you as a wife. 11 For the inheritance of her pertains to you, and you alone are of her relatives; 12 and the maid is both fair and wise. And now, hear me, and I will speak to her father; and when we return from Rages, we will celebrate the marriage; for I know that Raguel will not in any way marry her to another, according to the Torah of Moses, or else he shall be liable to death, because the inheritance pertains to you, rather than to any other.”

13 Then the young man said to the angel, “Brother Azariah, I have heard that this maid has been given to seven men, and that they all perished in the bridal chamber. 14 And now I am the only son of my father, and I am afraid, lest I go in and die, even as those before me; for a demon loves her, which hurts no man, but those which come to her; and now I fear, lest I die, and bring my father’s and my mother’s life to the grave with sorrow over me; for they have no other son to bury them.”

15 But the angel said to him, “Do you not remember the words which your father commanded you, that you should take a wife from your own family? Hear me now, brother: for she shall be your wife. Make no consideration of the devil; for this night shall she be given as a wife to you. 16 And when you shall come into the bridal chamber, then you shall take the ashes of incense, and shall lay some of the heart and liver of the fish on them, and shall make a smoke with them; 17 and the devil shall smell it, and flee away, and never come again any longer. But when you go near to her, then rise up, both of you, and cry to God, who is merciful, and He shall save you, and have mercy on you. Do not be afraid, for she was prepared for you from the beginning; and you shall save her, and she shall go with you. And I suppose that you shall have children from her.”

And when Tobias heard these things, he loved her, and his soul was greatly joined to her.


Chapter Seven

1 And they came to Ecbatana, and arrived at the house of Raguel. But Sarah met them, and she saluted them, and they saluted her; and she brought them into the house. 2 And he said to Edna his wife, “How alike is the young man to Tobit my cousin.” 3 And Raguel asked them, “Where are you from, brethren?”

And they said to him, “We are of the sons of Naphtali, which are captives in Nineveh.”

4 And he said to them, “Do you know Tobit our brother?”

And they said, “We know him.”

And he said to them, “Is he in good health?”

5 And they said, “He is both alive, and in good health.”

And Tobias said, “He is my father.”

6 And Raguel sprang up, and kissed him, and wept, 7 and blessed him, and said to him, “You are the son of an honest and good man.” And when he had heard that Tobit had lost his sight, he was grieved, and wept; 8 and Edna his wife and Sarah his daughter wept. And they received them gladly; and they killed a ram of the flock, and set store of meat before them.

But Tobias said to Raphael, “Brother Azariah, speak of those things of which you spoke of along the way, and let the matter be finished.”

9 And he conveyed the matter to Raguel. And Raguel said to Tobias, “Eat, and drink, and make merry; 10 for it is fitting that you should take my daughter in marriage. However, I will show you the truth. 11 I have given my daughter to seven men, and whenever they came to her, they died in the night. But for the present time, be merry.”

And Tobias said, “I will taste nothing here, until you make covenant, and enter into covenant with me.”

12 And Raguel said, “Take her to yourself from this moment on, according to the manner: you are her brother, and she is yours; but the merciful God shall give all good success to you.” 13 And he called his daughter Sarah, and took her by the hand, and gave her to be a wife to Tobias, and said, “Behold, take her to yourself after the Torah of Moses, and lead her away to your father.” And he blessed them; 14 and he called Edna his wife, and took a book, and wrote an instrument of covenant, and sealed it. 15 And they began to eat.

16 And after Raguel called his wife Edna, and said to her, “Sister, prepare the other chamber, and bring her in there.” 17 And she did as he instructed her, and brought her into it; and she wept, and she received the tears of her daughter, and said to her, 18 “Be of good comfort, my child; the Lord of heaven and earth gives you favor for your sorrow. Be of good comfort, my daughter.”


Chapter Eight

1 And when they had finished their supper, they brought Tobias in to her. 2 But as he went, he remembered the words of Raphael, and took the ashes of the incense, and put the heart and the liver of the fish on it, and made a smoke with them. 3 And when the demon smelled the smell, he fled into the uppermost parts of Egypt, and the angel bound him.

4 But after they were both shut in together, Tobias rose up from the bed, and said, “Sister, arise, and let us pray that the LORD may have mercy on us.” 5 And Tobias began to say, “Blessed are You, O God of our fathers, and blessed is Your holy and glorious name forever. Let the heavens bless You, along with all Your creatures. 6 You made Adam, and gave him Eve his wife for a helper and a support; and from them came the seed of men. And You said “It is not good that the man should be alone; let Us make him a helper like him.” 5 7 And now, O LORD, I do not take this sister of mine because of lust, but with uprightness; grant that I may find mercy, and grow old with her.”

8 And she said with him, “Amen.” And they slept both that night.

9 And Raguel arose, and went, and dug a grave, 10 saying, “Lest he also should die.” 11 And Raguel came into his house, 12 and said to Edna his wife, “Send one of the maidservants, and let them see whether he is alive; for if he is not, then we may bury him without anyone knowing it.”

13 So the maidservant opened the door, and went in, and found them both sleeping, 14 and came forth, and told them that he was alive. 15 And Raguel blessed God, saying, “Blessed are You, O God, with all pure and holy blessing; and let Your Saints bless You, along with all Your creatures; and let all Your angels and Your elect bless You forever. 16 Blessed are You, because You have made me glad; and what I suspected has not come upon me; but You have dealt with us according to Your great mercy. 17 Blessed are You, because You have had mercy on two that were the only begotten children of their parents. Show them mercy, O LORD; accomplish their life in health with gladness and mercy.” 18 And he commanded his servants to fill the grave.

19 And he continued the wedding feast for them for fourteen days. 20 And before the days of the wedding feast were finished, Raguel swore to him, that he should not depart until the fourteen days of the wedding feast were fulfilled; 21 and that then he should take half of his goods, and go in safety to his father; “And take the rest,” he said, “When I and my wife shall die.”


Chapter Nine

1 And Tobias called Raphael, and said to him, 2 “Brother Azariah, take a servant with you, and two camels, and go to Rages of Media to Gabael, and receive the money for me, and bring him to the wedding feast. 3 For Raguel has sworn that I shall not depart, 4 and my father is counting the days; and if I wait too long, he will be sorely grieved.”

5 And Raphael went on his way, and lodged with Gabael, and gave him the handwritten note; and he brought forth the bags with their seals, and gave them to him. 6 And they rose up together early in the morning, and came to the wedding feast; and Tobias blessed his wife.


Chapter Ten

1 And Tobit his father counted every day; and when the days of the journey had ended, and they did not return, 2 he said, “Is he perhaps detained? Or is Gabael perhaps dead, and there is no man to give him the money?” 3 And he was sorely grieved.

4 But his wife said to him, “The child has perished, for he is gone for such a long time.” And she began to bewail him, and said, 5 “I do not care for anything, my child, since I have let go of you, the light of my eyes.”

6 And Tobit said to her, “Hold your peace, and do not be concerned; for he is in good health.”

7 And she said to him, “Hold your peace, and do not deceive me; my child has perished.” And she went out every day into the road by which they went, and she ate no bread in the daytime, and she did not stop bewailing her son Tobias for entire nights, until the fourteen days of the wedding feast were passed, which Raguel had sworn that he should spend there.

But Tobias said to Raguel, “Send me away, for my father and my mother do not look any longer to see me.”

8 But his father-in-law said to him, “Remain with me, and I will send to your father, and they shall declare to him how things go with you.”

9 And Tobias said, “No; send me away to my father.”

10 But Raguel arose, and gave him Sarah his wife, and half his goods, servants, and cattle, and money; 11 and he blessed them, and sent them away, saying, “The God of heaven shall prosper you, my children, before I die.” 12 And he said to his daughter, “Honor your father-in-law and your mother-in-law; they are now your parents; and let me hear a good report of you.” And he kissed her.

And Edna said to Tobias, “May the Lord of heaven restore you, dear brother, and grant to me that I may see your children of my daughter Sarah, that I may rejoice before the LORD; and behold, I commit my daughter to you in special trust. Do not vex her.”


Chapter Eleven

1 After these things Tobias went on his way, blessing God because He had prospered his journey; and he blessed Raguel and Edna his wife. And he went on his way until they drew near to Nineveh. 2 And Raphael said to Tobias, “Do you not know, brother, how you left your father? 3 Let us run forward before your wife, and prepare the house. 4 But take in your hand the gall of the fish.” And they went their way, and the dog went after them.

5 And Anna sat looking about toward the way for her son. 6 And she saw him coming, and said to his father, “Behold, your son comes, as well as the man that went with him.”

7 And Raphael said, “I know, Tobias, that your father will open his eyes. 8 You shall therefore anoint his eyes with the gall, and being stung by it, he shall rub, and shall make the white films to fall away, and he shall see you.”

9 And Anna ran to him, and fell upon the neck of her son, and said to him, “I have seen you, my child; from this time forward, I am content to die.” And they wept both.

10 And Tobit went forth toward the door, and stumbled; but his son ran to him, 11 and took hold of his father. And he struck the gall on his father’s eyes, saying, “Be of good cheer, my father.”

12 But when his eyes began to sting, he rubbed them; 13 and the white films scaled away from the corners of his eyes; and he saw his son, and fell upon his neck. 14 And he wept, and said, “Blessed are You, O God, and blessed is Your name forever, and blessed are all Your holy angels; 15 for You scourged, and have mercy on me. Behold, I see my son Tobias.”

And his son went in rejoicing, and told his father the great things that had happened to him in Media.

16 And Tobit went out to meet his daughter-in-law at the gate of Nineveh, rejoicing, and blessing God; and they which saw him marveled, because he had received his sight. 17 And Tobit gave thanks before them, because God had shown mercy on him.

And when Tobit came near to Sarah his daughter-in-law, he blessed her, saying, “Welcome, daughter; blessed is God which has brought you to us, and blessed are your father and your mother.”

And there was joy to all his brethren which were at Nineveh. 18 And Achiacharus, and Nasbas his brother’s son, came; 19 and Tobias’ wedding feast was kept for seven days with great gladness.


Chapter Twelve

1 And Tobit called his son Tobias, and said to him, “See, my child, that the man which went with you has received his wages, and then you must give him more.”

2 And he said to him, “Father, it is no harm to me to give him half of those things which I have brought; 3 for he has led me for you in safety, and he cured my wife, and brought my money, and likewise he cured you.”

4 And the old man said, “It is due to him.”

5 And he called the angel, and said to him, “Take the half of all that you have brought.”

6 Then he called them both privately, and said to them, “Bless God, and give thanks to Him; magnify Him, and give Him thanks in the sight of all live things, for the things which He has done with you. It is good to bless God and exalt His name, showing forth the works of God with honor; and do not be slow to give thanks to Him. 7 It is good to keep close the secret of a king, but to gloriously reveal the works of God. Do good, and evil shall not find you.

8 “Prayer is good, when accompanied by fasting, and charitable giving, and righteousness. It is better to have little with righteousness than to have much with unrighteousness. It is better to give charity than it is to lay up gold; 9 for charitable giving delivers from death, and it shall purge away all sin. They that give charitably and do righteousness shall be filled with life; 10 but they that sin are enemies to their own life.

11 “Surely, I will keep close nothing from you. I have said, ‘It is good to keep close the secret of a king, but to gloriously reveal the works of God.’ 12 And now, when you prayed, and Sarah your daughter-in-law, I brought the memorial of your prayer before the Holy One; and when you buried the dead, I was likewise with you. 13 And when you did not delay to rise up, and leave your dinner, so that you might go and cover the dead, your good deed was not hidden from me; for I was with you. 14 And now God sent me to heal both you and Sarah your daughter-in-law. 15 I am Raphael, one of the seven holy angels, which present the prayers of the saints, and goes in before the glory of the Holy One.”

16 And they were both troubled, and fell upon their faces; for they were afraid. 17 But he said to them, “Do not be afraid, for you shall have peace; but bless God forever. 18 For this is not from any favor of my own, but I came by the will of your God; therefore bless Him forever. 19 For all these days I appeared to you; and I neither ate nor drank, but you saw a vision. 20 And now give God thanks; for I ascend to Him that sent me. Now write all the things which have been done in a book.”

21 And they rose up, and did not see him any longer. 22 And they confessed the great and wonderful works of God, and how the angel of the LORD had appeared to them.


Chapter Thirteen

1 And Tobit wrote a prayer for rejoicing, and said, “Blessed is God, that lives forever, and blessed is His kingdom. 2 For He scourges, and shows mercy; He leads down to the grave, and brings up again; and there is none that shall escape His hand. 3 Give thanks to Him before the nations, you children of Israel; for He has scattered us among them. 4 Declare His greatness there, and exalt Him before all living things; for He is our Lord, and God is our Father forever. 5 And He will scourge us for our iniquities, and will again show mercy, and will gather us out of all the nations among whom you are scattered– 6 if you turn to Him with your whole heart, and with your whole soul, to do truth before Him, then He will turn to you, and will not hide His face from you. See what He will do with you, and give thanks to Him with your whole mouth, and bless the Lord of righteousness, and exalt the everlasting King. In the land of my captivity, I give thanks to Him, and show His strength and majesty to a nation of sinners. Turn, you who are sinners, and do righteousness before Him. Who can tell if He will accept you, and have mercy on you? 7 I exalt my God, and my soul exalts the King of Heaven, and it shall rejoice in His greatness. 8 Let all men speak, and let them give thanks to Him in Jerusalem.

9 “O Jerusalem, the holy city, He will scourge you for the works of your sons, and will again have mercy on the sons of the righteous. 10 Give thanks to the LORD with goodness, and bless the everlasting King, that His tabernacle may be built in you again with joy, and that He may make glad in you those that are captives, and love in you forever those that are miserable. 11 Many nations shall come from far to the name of the LORD God with gifts in their hands, even gifts to the King of heaven; generations of generations shall praise you, and sing songs of rejoicing. 12 Cursed are all they that hate you; but blessed shall be all they that love you forever.

13 “Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for the sons of the righteous; for they shall be gathered together, and shall bless the Lord of the righteous. 14 Blessed are they that love you; they shall rejoice for your peace! Blessed are all they that sorrowed for all your scourges; they shall rejoice for you, when they have seen all your glory; and they shall be made glad forever.

15 “Let my soul bless God the Great King; 16 for Jerusalem shall be built with sapphires, and emeralds, and precious stones; your walls and towers and battlements shall be built with pure gold. 17 And the streets of Jerusalem shall be paved with beryl, and carbuncle, and stones of Ophir. 18 And all her streets shall say, ‘Hallelujah,’ and give praise, saying, ‘Blessed is God, which has exalted you forever.”


Chapter Fourteen

1 And Tobit made an end of giving thanks. 2 And he was fifty-eight years old when he lost his sight; and after eight years, he received it again. And he gave charity, and he feared the LORD God more and more, and gave thanks to Him.

3 Now he grew very old; and he called his son, and the six sons of his son, and said to him, “My child, take your sons; behold, I am grown old, and am ready to depart out of this life. 4 Go into Media, my child, for I surely believe all the things which Jonah the Prophet spoke of Nineveh, that it shall be overthrown, but in Media, rather, there shall be peace for a season; and that our brethren shall be scattered in the earth from the good land; and Jerusalem shall be desolate, and the house of God in it shall be burned up, and shall be desolate for a time. 5 And God shall again have mercy on them, and bring them back into the land, and they shall build the house, but not like to the former house, until the times of that age be fulfilled; and afterward they shall return from the places of their captivity, and build up Jerusalem with honor, and the house of God shall be built in it forever with a glorious building, even as the Prophets spoke concerning it. 6 And all the nations shall turn to truly fear the LORD God, and shall bury their idols. 7 And all the nations shall bless the LORD, and His people shall give thanks to God, and the LORD shall exalt His people; and all that love the LORD God in truth and righteousness shall rejoice, showing mercy to our brethren.

8 “And now, my child, depart from Nineveh, for those things which the Prophet Jonah spoke shall surely come to pass. 9 But as for you: keep the Torah, and the ordinances, and show yourself merciful and righteous, that it may be well with you. 10 Bury me decently, and your mother with me; and do not dwell at Nineveh any longer. See, my child, what Aman did to Achiacharus that nourished him, how he brought him out of light into darkness, and all the repayment that he made to him; and Achiacharus was saved, but the other had his repayment, and he went down into darkness. Manasseh gave charitably, and escaped the snare of death which he set for him; but Aman fell into the snare, and perished. 11 And now, my children, consider what charitable giving does, and how righteousness delivers.”

And while he was saying these things, he gave up his spirit in the bed; but he was a hundred and eight-fifty years old; and he buried him magnificently. 12 And when Anna died, he buried her with his father. But Tobias departed with his wife and his sons to Ecbatana to Raguel his father-in-law, 13 and he grew old in honor, and he buried his father-in-law and his mother-in-law magnificently, and he inherited their substance, as well as his father Tobit’s. 14 And he died at Ecbatana of Media, being one hundred and twenty-seven years old. 15 And before he died, he heard of the destruction of Nineveh, which Nebuchadnezzar and Ahasuerus took captive; and before his death, he rejoiced over Nineveh.


End Notes

1 1 Kings 17:3, 23.

2 Numbers 19:11-16.

3 Amos 8:10.

4 Psalm 25:13.

5 Genesis 2:18.

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  1. Tobit is a great Book! 4 scrolls were found at Qumran. And among the ruins of Masada only two documents survived the onslaught. Ezekiel and Tobit. In Tobit we see the Archangel Raphael ( healing of the Lord ) who bound Azazel the Scapegoat ( Leviticus 16 ) in The Book of Enoch. Many believe Raphael is the angel which touched the Pool of Bethesda in John chapter 5. Raphael helps bind the demon in Egypt which is so fascinating!

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