“A Light to the Nations”

cover-epub-jby Topics include:

  • The Promise to Abraham
  • The Fullness of the Nations
  • The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel
  • The Origin of the Gospel Message
  • The Olive Branch
  • The Salvation of the Nations
  • The Coming Together of Judah and Joseph
  • Yeshua’s Parables of the House of Joseph
  • To Whom was the New Testament Written?
  • The Role of “the Church”
  • A Biblical Time Line of the History of the Houses of Judah and Joseph
  • The Lost Ten Tribes in Old and New Testament Parallels
  • The Lost Ten Tribes in Extra-Biblical Literature
A Light to the Nations by Jesse ben Yosef.

Formats available: Paperback or e-book, 105 pages.

This book is the result of years of research into the subject of the “Lost Ten Tribes” of Israel. Over the course of my spiritual journey while researching this subject, I found that as I learned and studied, new truths were being revealed in an exponential way; and gradually, piece by piece, stones of truth were being unturned, giving rise to a never-ending stream of new questions.

What became of the lost ten tribes of Israel?
Are the Jews still God’s chosen people?
Has the church replaced Israel?

Being forced to answer these questions with the facts and evidence that my studies had proven true resulted in calling into question doctrines and teachings that I hadn’t dare previously question. At the very core of my years of studying this subject was a very fervent desire to really understand the “Gospel Message,” not how it has been taught in the churches, but what God really meant it to be.

I invite you to explore the spiritual truths contained in this message, and discover for yourself why this topic matters more than almost anything else in the entire Bible.

Paperback $10.00 (plus S&H)
E-Book $6.00 (PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats available!)

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“I think it’s the most brilliant book I’ve read to date. I couldn’t stop reading for a moment. It truly opened Scripture for me and I’m so impressed with it. Wow. Everyone has to read it!!!” – Johanita Jordaan, South Africa

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