The Parable of the Olive Tree, and God’s Unbroken Covenant with the Jewish People

olive tree

The common understanding today in both Christian and Messianic circles is that “the gentiles,” or those who have no link to Abrahamic lineage or bloodline, are part of a religious entity that has been dubbed through the ages as “the church.” This belief is based upon an inaccurate understanding of Paul’s message of the Olive … [Read more…]

The Apostasy of the Assembly: Foretold in the Book of Judges

Early church chronicler Hegesippus indicates that some sort of massive paradigm shift away from the Hebrew faith must have occurred sometime after Yeshua’s ascension, but during his own lifetime. An amazing parallel to this same event can be found in Judges 2, which can be used as a powerful analogy to better understand the apostasy the … [Read more…]