The Eighteen Psalms of Solomon

The Psalms of Solomon is a collection of eighteen Psalms, attributed to King Solomon. These eighteen psalms were an appendix to the fifth century Septuagint manuscript, Codex Alexandrinus. They are known further from both Greek and Syriac manuscripts, from which the edition presented here was translated, by both G. Buchanan Gray (1913) and Rendel Harris. … [Read more…]

Psalms 151-160

Psalms 151-155 have been translated from Syriac into English by W. Wright, and follow his verse order as detailed in “Some Apocryphal Psalms in Syriac.” (1886-1887) Psalms 156-160 have been translated from Hebrew into English by Geza Vermes in his “Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English.” (1997) This is based on his earlier work of … [Read more…]