The Parable of the Olive Tree, and God’s Unbroken Covenant with the Jewish People

The common understanding today in both Christian and Messianic circles is that “the gentiles,” or those who have no link to Abrahamic lineage or bloodline, are part of a religious entity that has been dubbed through the ages as “the church.” This belief is based upon an inaccurate understanding of Paul’s message of the Olive … [Read more…]

Parallels and Parables of the Lost Ten Tribes

In reading through the Scriptures, in both the Tanakh and the Apostolic Writings, the overwhelming theme is the restoration, regathering, and reunification of both Houses of Israel- Judah and Joseph. What I find incredible is the numerous references to the Lost Ten Tribes in the Apostolic Writings that are referencing back to a specific terminology … [Read more…]

What do authentically Jewish sources say about the Lost Ten Tribes?

It is commonly believed today that Jewish perception of the Lost Ten Tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel is that they were gradually, at some non-specific point in time, reabsorbed into the fold of the Jewish people- that is, that they rejoined the tribes of Judah and Benjamin in the Southern Kingdom of Judah. … [Read more…]