The Enemy’s Intent to Destroy the Restoration

A dream from the LORD to Jesse ben Yosef. Tevet 12, 2012.

On the twelfth of Tevet, in the Gregorian year 2012, I was given a dream, in which I saw many demonic creatures flying throughout the earth; each creature was large enough to fill the space of a living room, and their bodies were shaped like a praying mantis. They had human-like faces, and the wings of a dragon. They resembled the locusts seen by the Apostle John. (Revelation 9:1-12)

There was also a book which had gone into popular circulation. I picked up a copy of this book, and began to read it, only to find that while the literal text was benign, inside the text was encoded a message detailing the demonic plan to put an end to the restoration of God’s people; to kill, devour, and destroy any who would stand in their way. The words on the page rearranged themselves to read, “Destroy the restoration!”

These insidious creatures flew all over the surface of the earth to carry out their evil work. They worked in secrecy, and were invisible to the people they tormented. There was one small island, upon which they no longer hid themselves, but could be visibly seen by anyone who came to the island.

There were a handful of people who willingly sold their souls to the dark adversary himself, and worked alongside these creatures. There were actual, real human beings, thought to be perfectly normal members of society, who spent their time behind the scenes coordinating attacks upon the righteous with these creatures. One example in particular who I remember appeared on the surface to be a well-respected, well-dressed business man. No one would have assumed that beneath his harmless exterior he was full of darkness.

Although our adversary goes throughout the surface of the whole earth to destroy the restoration, there is hope in sight, and the restoration of God’s people will continue for those who seek diligently after Him and endure the hardships.

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