An Introduction to the Torah Driven Life

Here is a short and simple explanation of what I hope to accomplish here.

“Torah Driven Life” is the blog / ministry / brain child of Jesse ben Yosef. (The majority of the content is provided by my own personal studies, although occasional guest contributions are made.)

Let me start off by saying that I am both a Torah keeper and a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, and my life’s passion has been to research the restoration of the lost ten tribes of Israel, the House of Joseph. I believe the Torah of Israel is the shared heritage of both my fellow Christians and Messianics, and the Jewish people, and that together, we make up the whole house of Israel.


My Testimony

As of the writing of this testimony, I have been involved in the Torah keeping, “Hebrew Roots” movement for about a decade.

jerusalem selfieThe event which inspired me to become involved in the Torah keeping / Hebrew Roots Movement was a dream I had when I was about twenty-two years old. In this dream, I laid upon a doctor’s operating table. A doctor came in and spoke to me, telling me that I would be given a new set of eyes; and that with these eyes, I would be able to see deeper, better, and more clearly than I had ever seen before. After the man was finished replacing my eyes, and I had awakened, I noticed that things looked the same as they had looked before the operation. When I inquired about this, the man replied that in the future, I would indeed be able to see more clearly, but that this gift would not manifest immediately.

It was a very intense dream. I woke up, able to remember it with vivid recollection.

While I didn’t immediately jump into the Hebrew Roots Movement, the dream did prompt me to do one thing right away: to read my Bible, because I knew that the dream was from God. Now although I was raised a Protestant Christian, I was fairly secular at the time of the dream; but after the dream, I endeavored to draw close to God again, and I did this by reading the Scriptures, from cover-to-cover.

At that time, I had some friends who came into my life, who were convinced that keeping the Torah was part of their Judeo-Christian heritage. Of course, I argued against it; but as I read the Scriptures, I realized they were right. I could not continue to rationalize the theological discrepancies I had been taught in church, that the Messiah had “nailed the law to the cross,” and that “grace nullified the law.” Over the next couple months, my wife and I decided to do such “Jewish things” as eating kosher and keeping the Sabbath- not because they were Jewish, but because they were Biblical.

Now as it is written in the Book of Job, God gives, and God takes away. In most ways, we have been blessed for making the decision to keep the Torah; but in some ways, we have also suffered. First, we lost some of our closest friends because of our difference in belief. Then I took a substantial demotion (and pay cut) from my employer, because I was no longer available to work Saturdays. Perhaps the biggest hit was when my family’s reaction when I broke the news to them that we had given up Christmas in favor of the Biblical holidays.

Life was difficult for a time, this much is true; but over the years that followed, God has given back abundantly more than what I had ever lost. My network grew and grew.

Since that time, we have entered into a very close network of Torah keeping friends. I have a new career with a company in which the owner is also Sabbath keeper, doing something I actually enjoy doing. But perhaps the highlight of my spiritual life since coming to Torah was the B’ney Yosef Congress- an event in the land of Israel, in which over 130 “Ephraimite” delegates gathered together in love and unity. I wrote elsewhere in memory of the Congress, that “When I came into the Torah lifestyle, I lost most of my family. When I came to the B’ney Yosef Congress, I found them again.”

I lost a handful of friends, a job I didn’t like, and family I had never really been close to; but in return, God has given me many more friends than I had lost, a career that makes me happy, and a family reunion like none other.

All of this from one simple dream, over a decade ago. And life has been on the up-and-up ever since.

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  1. My name is Jeffrey Storey. I live in the Minnetonka, Minnesota area. I am looking for both a Nazarene Jewish Congregation and also a Nazarene Jewish friend to keep in touch with and also instruct me in the ways of Nazarene Judaism. Thank You for taking the time to read my email. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Aish Tamid

      So sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! For whatever reason, my e-mail account was not sending all of my messages through to my phone, which means that periodically I find messages that are a bit old. 🙂

      As far as I am aware, a good Nazarene Jewish directory can be found at the WNAE Membership Directory.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Johnny Law

    Hello, brother, I was just wondering how I can reach you by email or something – if that’s ok with you? I ask this because it has to do with defending the 1 Book of Enoch … I screen-shotted the comment someone made about contradictions in 1 Enoch … I would like someone knowledgeable like yourself on 1 Enoch to help me out and explain and also correct some of these claims. I’ll send you the pic. Shabbat shalom and YAH bless!

  3. I loved reading your testimony. It’s amazing the way that Elohim speaks to us still today through dreams. I’m very happy to hear that Yeshua replaced all the things you ‘lost’. To live is Christ and to die is gain God bless!

  4. Brian Lee

    Greetings, Do you believe the Bible teaches trinitarism as commonly taught by most christian denomination? The Father (YHWH), the Son (Jesus the Messiah) and the Holy Spirit (OT: Spirit of YHWH) are literally three separate beings and the three separate beings together make up a one GOD?
    That they are? 1) Co-existant 2) Co-eternal (all 3 without begining or end) 3)Co-equal?????
    Thanks Lee

    • Jesse ben Yosef

      That is a great question, Brian.

      Personally, I am not Trinitarian. I do not believe it’s a salvation issue, nor do I believe such subjects (which are not clearly outlined in the Scriptures) have any place being taught as “doctrine.” However, I do have an opinion on the subject, which I will be glad to share.

      I believe that YHWH, the Father, is God above, and is God alone.
      I believe that Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) is His Son, and is the Messiah.
      And I believe that the Holy Spirit (in Hebrew, Ruach haKodesh) is the feminine aspect to God’s divine presence. (After all, God said in Genesis 1 that He would make both male and female “in His image,” therefore, He logically has a feminine aspect.)

      Further, it is my opinion that these three are one in unity and purpose, but NOT one in essence. I do believe they are distinct and separate beings that work together- on one accord. I do believe they are co-existent, because they are individuals that work together. I do not believe they are co-eternal, as I believe that they were created by the Father. Further, I do not believe they are co-equal, for the Father is supreme to all else.

      This is just my opinion. I’m not saying it’s correct, and I’m not going to be dogmatic about it if someone has a different way of understanding an unfathomable God.

  5. Shalom Jesse ben Yosef:

    I am Dick Perlas, from Manila, Philippines. I chance upon your website because I do a lot of inquiry and researches.

    I am attending a Messianic Congregation here in Manila. But I am doing a lot of studies. Until then.
    May Ha Shem, God of Israel bless you.

  6. Bill Carmichael


    Do you have a weekly newsletter if so, can you please subscribe me?.


    Bill Carmichael

    Scotland (United Kingdom).

    • Jesse ben Yosef

      I have not put together a newsletter as of yet. But that is a great suggestion- if I do, you’ll be the first to know!

  7. Michael

    I like your differentiation of Messianic vs Nazarene Judaism. As a Jewish believer, I actually feel more comfortable in an Orthodox synagogue than a Messianic Saturday church. The service is mostly music (feely-good chuchy songs) with 15 minutes of Hebrew from the reform “Gates of Prayer” siddur. I liken that to “Hebrew Baptist”. A Baptist church with some Hebrew. I feel more of a kinship with the first century sect than with modern-day Protestants. My library is the same as any observant Jew except for Stern’s books.

    I am not putting anybody down, just saying I do not identify with the typical Messianic congregation which seems to expect Jews to be converted and Christianized in Protestantism.

    I am afraid to open up to either Jews or Christians. I play “don’t ask-don’t tell” in orthodox synagogues; and to Christians I say “I am an observant Jew”. That is not a lie, I keep kosher, put on tefillin, etc. I was shocked when a local Christian told me I need to eat pork in a public ceremony to show I was no longer “under the law” and “free to accept the word”. Thereby proving Michael Brown correct that the inquisition is not over.

    Thanks for listening.

  8. Shalom aleichem!
    Have you as yet began the process of editing the already popularly published sixty-six books of the Bible to incorporate these epistles, letters or books http://torahdrivenlife.com/pdf/apoc1.pdf | http://torahdrivenlife.com/pdf/apoc2.pdf | http://torahdrivenlife.com/pdf/apoc3.pdf | http://torahdrivenlife.com/texts-and-commentaries/post-apostolic-fathers/ in HARD PRINTED COPIES format, as one volume, especially for the sake of those who are not computer/internet inclined?

    • Jesse ben Yosef

      That’s a complicated question, really.

      I believe Yeshua the Messiah is an emanation- the visible expression- of the Father. I do not believe that He literally *IS* the Father, nor am I Trinitarian in my theology. I do accept Him as Messiah, however.

  9. Dina

    Hi Jesse, I absolutely love your testimony. How fabulous that G-d would reach down and lift you up in such a manner. I just stumbled onto your blog while looking for something particular. And now I plan to visit often. I love that your words are smooth, easy to read and completely wise. I’m thankful to G-d for raising you up to be a solid voice in the turbulent Messianic teaching world of today.

    So many spout off their own interpretation of, well, pretty much everything and they cause great confusion and frustration. I’m sad to see friends stop following Torah for both the difficulty and the confusion of various teachings.

    And so, it’s a great joy when I come across sound, scripture based teaching. Thank you for being dedicated to that. I will certainly pass your blog address on to others!

    Blessings and with the holidays approaching… May you and those you love be inscribed in the Book of Life for happiness, health, wealth and love.

    • Jesse ben Yosef

      Thank you for your incredibly kind and encouraging words, dear sister.

      It is my endeavor, even when discussing the most difficult of topics, to use a soft answer to turn away wrath, and to avoid using harsh words, which stir up anger. (Prov. 15:1) Not that I hit the nail on the head every time… but it’s at least my goal.

      At any rate, may you and your household be blessed in the coming year, and may we all merit to see the return of Moshiach.

      • Dina

        Omein. From your lips to G-d’s ears.
        And you’re welcome. I’m looking forward to reading more.

        May you be sealed for good.

  10. Wesley Rose

    My dear friend in Mesiah,
    I hope you have all of these documents together in one text or CD. Man, you have been busy..

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